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dWeb Domains

Handshake aims to decentralize the internet's naming system, offering an alternative to the traditional DNS (Domain Name System) governed by ICANN


Handshake operates on a permissionless, peer-to-peer basis, enabling users to manage and validate the root DNS naming zone collectively


Handshake's integration with blockchain technology aligns with the broader movement towards a decentralized web

Digital Identity

Handshake offers new ways to manage digital identities, providing enhanced security, data integrity, and user control over personal information

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About Us

Handshake Canada: Pioneering Decentralized Technologies for a New Internet Era

Welcome to Handshake Canada, the epicenter of innovation and community for those passionate about decentralizing the web and transforming the digital landscape in Canada. Our mission is rooted in the power of Handshake, a groundbreaking protocol that reimagines internet infrastructure for Canadians and Canadian businesses alike. Here, we explore, adopt, and innovate decentralized technologies to build a more secure, accessible, and equitable internet for all.

Handshake Canada envisions a digital ecosystem where Canadians have full control over their online identity, privacy, and data. By leveraging the Handshake protocol, we aim to decentralize domain name registration, enhance cybersecurity, and foster an internet that truly belongs to its users. Our vision extends beyond technology; it's about creating a community-driven network that supports Canadian values of fairness, inclusivity, and innovation.

  • Community Building: At the heart of Handshake Canada is a vibrant community of developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts dedicated to exploring the potential of decentralized web technologies. We plan to organize meetups, workshops, and hackathons to share knowledge, develop skills, and collaborate on projects that advance our mission
  • Education and Outreach: We believe in the power of information. Through educational initiatives and public outreach, we aim to demystify decentralized technologies for Canadians, highlighting their benefits and encouraging widespread adoption among individuals and businesses alike
  • Innovation and Development: Handshake Canada is a hub for innovation. We support the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and services that utilize the Handshake protocol, providing resources to Canadian projects that share our vision
  • Advocacy and Policy: As champions of a decentralized internet, we engage with policymakers and industry leaders to advocate for regulations and standards that support innovation, protect user rights, and promote digital sovereignty

Handshake Directors

Join the forefront of innovation with Canada's dedicated community of Handshake enthusiasts, driving the future of the internet together



Golden Horseshoe, ON HNS Name: genuinu/ @genuinu


Montreal, QC HNS Name: stronics/ @stronics

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Canadian Nodes

List of Handshake Canada Full Nodes


Node 1

Org: TELUS Communications
Country: CA
Agent: /hsd:6.1.1/


Node 2

Hostname: 139-177-198-45.ip.linodeusercontent.com
Org: Linode, LLC
Country: CA
Agent: /hsd:5.0.1/HNSCanada/


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